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Services / Forensic

The Forensic and Dispute Services Division of Audirevi Transaction Services provides technical assistance to corporate management, legal advisors, courts, arbitration boards, extraordinary commissioners and prosecutors in the presence of anomalies and critical issues of disciplinary, civil and criminal relevance, in the field of technical advice and investigations in accounting and administrative matters.

The experience gained over the years following important assignments and analysis of complex business events have contributed to increasing the skills of the professional team of the Forensic Unit, which operates mainly in contexts of controversy and litigation, proceedings (criminal, civil and criminal) fraud, bankruptcy proceedings and claims for damages in companies.

The Forensic Business Line operates in the management of:

Forensic&Dispute Services

  • Verification and analysis of omissions, falsehoods or irregularities of an accounting and budgetary nature, in particular with regard to the proper application of national and international accounting standards.
  • Analysis of the adequacy of the accounting and administrative controls defined by Law 262/2005 and assessment of the implications on the reliability of accounting and financial statement data.
  • Documentary reconstruction of operations (e.g. banking and financial) carried out with the aim of concealing fraudulent activities or those aimed at the appropriation or dissipation of company assets.
  • Support to top management and/or shareholders in defining the preventive actions necessary to limit the risk of recurrence of irregularities and cases of fraudulent nature.

Litigation Support

  • Accounting and financial consultancy in the field of civil and criminal proceedings, as well as in the litigation phase.
  • Technical Consultancy services of a single party in civil or arbitration proceedings.

  • (or) Partisan Technical Consultancy Services in civil or arbitration proceedings.

  • Assumption of arbitration assignments in the role of arbitrator/third auditor appointed by the parties.

  • Assistance in finding and analysing documentation to support the dispute.

  • Preparation of technical reports to illustrate and support the party’s arguments.

Expert Witness

  • Assistance to the Court or the Arbitration Board in the role of Office Technical Consultant or Expert.

  • Preparation of technical reports (e.g. appraisal reports) in the context of legal proceedings.

  • Analysis of the corporate restructuring plans and preparation of a report on the truthfulness of the economic-financial data and on the feasibility of the plan.

Business Insurance Claims

  • Assistance to management and lawyers in determining and verifying the economic and financial conditions underlying claims for damages for interruptions / breaches of contract or for acts of unfair competition.
  • Identification of the links of cause (specific events between the parties involved) and the effect (economic impact).
  • Assessment of the damage suffered by persons who have joined a civil action as a result of unlawful conduct by directors or other persons in a significant position.