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About Us / Nexia International

Experience and professionalism in Italy and from all over the world

Audirevi is a member of Nexia International, one of the world’s largest networks of independent auditing, tax assistance and management consulting firms in 115 countries worldwide, with over 30,000 professionals serving 245-member companies with a turnover of 3.62 Bln (US$). Nexia International is a dynamic organization that promotes quality and facilitates collaboration between countries to enable member companies to provide local and global solutions.
The presence of 7 offices and a staff location, distributed throughout Italy, the international bond guaranteed by the Network Nexia and the constant collaboration with professional firms of accountants and lawyers, have allowed Audirevi to grow and become a multidisciplinary reality.

For more information, visit the website  www.nexia.com 

Nexia International Corporate Brochure