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Services / Nexia Audirevi Hotel, Tourism & Leisure

HSL Hospitality & Partners is a joint venture between players in the tourism-hotel sector that offers a highly qualified team of experienced managers from the sector and from major international groups, able to offer services with a high added value and aimed at different target players in this market. Operators, hoteliers, banks, asset management companies and developers find HSL Hospitality & Partners to be the activator of strategies and interventions for effective business management, through a multidisciplinary and tailor-made approach.

The collaboration agreement with NEXIA AUDIREVI has given rise to the brand Nexia Audirevi Hotel, Tourism & Leisure.


  • Competences: Operational, management and strategic competences
  • Method: New consulting methodology compared to the traditional coaching of hotel entrepreneurs
  • Results: Visible results in a short time
  • Team: The team is composed of senior and junior resources that ensure synergy between experience and new trends and establishes relationships of trust, based on coaching and counselling of referents
  • Services: Services tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs in the various phases of the project



The quality of the staff is the key to guaranteeing customers satisfaction. Seen by us as one of the strategic success factors, we provide our specific knowledge and skills to offer you the following dedicated services: recruitment, specialist training for departments, coaching and team building.

  • Competence assessment and preparation of training programmes
  • Operational and managerial staff training
  • Personnel recruitment and selection
  • Definition of operating procedures


Clearly identifying business opportunities and positioning on the market of reference are elements that underpin the success of a company. The hotel is supported in the implementation of pricing strategies and operational plans to handle marketing and distribution online and offline, while monitoring the reputation within the market.

  • Marketing plan and communication support
  • Commercial operating planning
  • Online and offline distribution
  • Implementation of general market and context analyses
  • Commercial support and definition of tariff strategies
  • Revenue management and dynamic pricing


Active in the financial world and in the management of strategic financial planning, treasury and cash flows, we have experience in structured operations with real estate funds, private equity, national and international banks, leasing & factoring and we collaborate with a fixed financial structure in London to carry out the largest transnational operations.
  • Feasibility studies, drafting of business plans
  • Reengineering processes and business model analysis
  • Setting up and management of the Budgeting and Reporting process in all company dimensions: economic, financial and patrimonial
  • Dash board
  • Financial Structuring: Analysis of the financial and equity situation and actions aimed at optimisation
  • Assistance to start-ups and new business developments
  • Due Diligence


The “operational arm” of successful strategic planning is the real lever through which to outperform competitors. It covers the most diverse areas, from resource management to financial and process analysis; from product and service design to organisational sizing; from contract negotiation to capitalisation projects.
  • Hotel Check-Up
  • Management and optimization of suppliers and purchases
  • Management control systems
  • Strategy and operational levers for disintermediation
  • Business development Service
  • Social media management support
  • Revenue management
  • Mentoring and support services for the development of the company and its key resources


We have always worked alongside entrepreneurs to manage the phases of transformation of the company that are becoming more and more recurrent, given the continuing need to adapt to the changing conditions of the competitive arena. Our services are linked both to the field of corporate reorganization and to the management of financial restructuring processes; aspects that we have been dealing with successfully for years, having followed numerous operations of national and international importance.

  • Assistance in the definition and/or reorganization
  • Management of the enterprise regarding the turnaround and/or generational changes
  • Support based on the definition of the overall investment strategy of the company
  • Financial Restructuring


Thanks to our experience in real estate for commercial and tourism development operations, we are able to offer our clients high-profile managerial services related to the enhancement and management of assets, definition of product concepts, creation of business plans for the sustainability of investments, audits, efficiency plans, contract compliance and the management of relations with stakeholders.

  • Facility Management Audits
  • Efficiency and cost plans savings
  • Capex
  • Asset portfolio management
  • Services related to the promotion of Market Placement Assets
  • Support in the management of activities related to Real Estate Assets
  • Selection of hotel operators and support for Contract Negotiations


Hic Sunt Leones is a Latin phrase used in antiquity to indicate the as yet unexplored and unknown areas of the Earth.
This is the spirit with which the three partners face the challenge of a market in continuous evolution, thanks to an approach open to innovation and ready to the continuous change of doing business today.