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Services / Merger & Acquisition

Audirevi Transaction Services offers tailor-made M&A services to small and large companies/groups, privately owned businesses, entrepreneurs and investors, across all industries, from acquisitions and sales through raising finance.

The enduring relationship we have with our clients, our teams and each member throughout Nexia’s global network is our core value that allows us to work closely together around the world, putting together project teams with valuable and specific experience to deliver successful projects. With presence in over 120 countries and territories worldwide, our M&A and corporate finance experts can help you connect with potential targets, buyers and financial investors worldwide.

M&A’s Services


  • Preparing the business for sale and defining the best strategy and timing before launching the formal process
  • Delivering teasers, information memoranda, financial models, business plans and other documents to present to prospective buyers
  • Identifying and approaching potential buyers local and abroad
  • Analyzing, assessing and negotiating offers to reach the vendor’s objectives and maximize value
  • Project managing during the sale process, from origination to completion, and coordination with legal advisors in order to assure the optimal terms and conditions of legal documents


  • Defining the acquisition strategy and the acquisition criteria
  • Screening the local and/or international market to identify targets, and approaching selected targets
  • Analysis of initial information provided, pricing analysis and assessment of potential synergies
  • Preparing and negotiating offers to targets
  • Project managing during the acquisition process, from origination to completion, and coordination with other advisors (e.g. due diligence providers, legal advisors, sellers)


  • Advising shareholders and managers in management buy-out (MBO) and leveraged buy-out (LBO) transactions
  • Defining the optimal capital structure (debt vs. equity)
  • Negotiating terms and conditions with equity, bonds and debt providers
  • Finding the suitable financial partner locally or internationally
  • Implementing a governance structure to meet the stakeholders’ objectives and expectations
  • Structuring and negotiating management packages and shareholders agreements