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Services / Audirevi Training

Audirevi’s training offer includes various formats: conferences, seminars, (e-learning), roundtables, in-company-training, workshops, one-to-one lessons.
The training approach varies with the client’s own demands: our teachers are able to transfer basic skills, organize practical exercises, provide professional updates or in-depth analysis of highly specialized topics.
The topics covered include auditing, general and industrial accounting, local accounting principles and IFRS, financial statement, cash flow plans, direct and indirect taxation, reporting and controlling, financial analysis, assets and company valuations, techniques for the preparation of business plans and industrial plans, corporate finance, credit management, advanced use of Excel.

Audirevi continously invests in employees training, who are trained from the first steps in the world of auditing to the acquisition of professional and managerial skills, to improve the work assignments and the team management, to meet the demands of clients.

Audirevi Training is accredited with the Ministry of Economy and Finance for issuing training credits and collaborates with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of various Italian cities on the subjects of audit activity. This Area also offers training courses for colleagues and the bar preparation course for young trainees throughout the country.

Services of the Audirevi Training


  • Refresher courses.
  • Training courses on legal auditing, economic disciplines, compliance, auditing and extraordinary finance activities.
  • In-depth studies in economic disciplines and labour law: from the EEC budget to direct and indirect taxation, from company law to labour law, from management control to the use of Excel in the company, to the techniques for the drafting of business plans and industrial plans.
  • Workshop.
  • Seminars on accounting, finance and management control.
  • Conferences.
  • Round tables.


  • Audit: Legislative Decree 39/2010 and Legislative Decree 135/2016.
  • ISA Italy Auditing Standards.
  • The preliminary phase of the audit: Planning, Risks and Significance.
  • The execution of the audit work: inventory review techniques, circularisation and sampling.
  • The final phase of the audit: subsequent events, business continuity, management certification and audit report.
  • Analysis of internal control and assessment of control of risk: techniques and working papers.
  • Audit of the main balance sheet items: techniques, programmes and working papers.