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Services / Compliance

The professionals working in this division have gained solid experience and skills in supporting companies in aligning the organisational models they implement with the legal requirements of specific legislation, industry best practices, regulations and guidelines issued by the competent authorities, in order to improve organisational structures and establish safeguards to avoid or reduce the application of sanctions (of an economic, disqualifying or reputational nature).

The services are completed by support for Internal Audit, Information Technology activities and for the creation of Sustainability paths, with the application of primary methodologies recognized on the market. Audirevi therefore proposes to accredit itself as a valid partner for Clients in order to support the Legal, Compliance, Internal Audit, IT and Sustainability functions in achieving the challenging objectives indicated by the Management and the Groups.

We offer a structured system that includes services of:


  • Compliance: support in aligning the internal models of the Companies with the current legislation, regulations, case law and best practices in the field of: administrative liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/2001, participation in and support for Supervisory Boards; processing of personal data pursuant to GDPR Reg 679/16 and Privacy Code, role of DPO and support for the same; Anti-money laundering programs pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2007 et seq.; Anti-corruption programs; Health and Safety in the Workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008 et seq.) and Environmental Consolidation Act (Legislative Decree 152/2006 et seq.); Antitrust programs (AGCM Guidelines 2018).
  • Compliance services dedicated to listed companies and financial intermediaries: compliance with primary and secondary regulations; outsourcing of the activities of the Compliance Function of financial intermediaries.
  • Corporate Governance: support in the definition of the proxy and power of attorney system.
    Risk Management: assistance in setting up a risk management system consistent with the Coso ERM 2017.


  • Accountability – sustainability reporting: ESG Assessment; drafting of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan; materiality analysis and preparation of the Sustainability Report, the Non-Financial Statement, the Integrated Report, the Social Report and the Third Sector Mission Report.
  • Assurance: revision of the Sustainability Report, the Non-Financial Statement, the Social Report and revision of the Green Bond.
  • Reporting Package & KPIs: creation of a data collection tool and identification of performance indicators/sustainability KPIs.
  • Business Plan and SDG Integration: definition of the Business Plan integrated with SDGs and the Sustainability Plan.
  • Shared Value Model: design of a model for measuring the Creation of Shared Value.


  • IT Compliance & Audit: assistance in the definition of IT measures compliant with GDPR and Law 262/2005; support in the drafting of procedural and operational frameworks and in the drafting and review of reports in accordance with ISAE 3402 Soc 1/2/3 Standards (Type I/II); execution of specific IT audit activities.
  • IT Risk: IT risk assessment; analysis of tasks and roles for the purposes of defining a system that ensures Segregation of Duty; IT risk assessment and proposal for a remediation plan.


  • Internal Audit function: direct recruitment of the function or execution of audits on behalf of the function; risk assessment and preparation of risk-based audit plans.
  • Support for the CFO and the Manager in charge: definition of administrative and accounting procedures as per Law 262/2005 and SOX compliant; risk assessment of individual financial statement items; identification of key controls and performance of periodic audits.
  • Support for the Controlling Bodies: participation in the meetings of the Controlling Bodies and execution of specific audits at their request; independent assessment of the Internal Audit function.