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Services / Transaction Services

Audirevi Transaction Services offers dedicated consulting services for the management of the extraordinary phases of a company’s life, making the skills and experience of its partners in the financial and corporate field available, with the aim of designing customized solutions to the specific needs of the client.

The ATS team supports companies in the design, management and execution of change, growth-oriented, guarantee of value for investors.  The consultants assist the client in making the most appropriate decisions on how to strategically manage M&A and other extraordinary operations.


ATS’s Services


  • Preparation of business plans and pitch presentations addressed to boards or shareholder’s meetings
  • Assessments, fairness opinions and appraisals of companies, business units or interests
  • Impairment tests (IAS36) on intangible assets and interests
  • Fairness opinions (IFRS3) on exchange ratios or price of issue of new shares and on “Purchase Price Allocation”


  • Financial Due Diligence as part of M&A deals (buy-side)
  • Vendor due diligence in preparation for the disposal of companies or interests or to attract new potential investors
  • Assistance in managing activities related to mergers, spin-offs and splitting procedures (pre and post bid)
  • Independent Business Review



  • Structuring of syndicated loans and structured financing supporting companies’ financial needs
  • Structuring and organizing «private debt» operations («minibond», «mezzanine», commercial papers, etc.)
  • Assistance in M&A transactions and fund raising through private placements to institutional investors and the capital market (IPO)


  • Drafting of business recovery plans on the basis of different procedures prescribed by Italian Bankruptcy Law

  • Assistance in operations of debt restructuring or rescheduling of outstanding debt

  • Accounting support and assistance in arranging liquidation financial statements or distribution plans